Is tap water in Ireland and England drinkable?

  • I would like to ask if the tap water in hostels of Ireland and England is drinkable. I never saw someone drink from there, and even in the pubs you have to order for a bottle.

    I've been drinking it for over 30 years ;) Mains water is drinkable. In public areas, if a water supply isn't safe (for example it's off a tank) it's usually signed.

    You have to order bottled water in pubs because pubs are there to sell drinks. It's nothing to do with the drinkability of the water.

    You can also order tap water in pubs which is almost always free, but the publican won't be too impressed if that's all you order

  • Mark Mayo

    Mark Mayo Correct answer

    8 years ago

    When I moved to London for a few years, almost all my friends had filters. The trace calcium / limescale in the water will result in some people telling you it's "hard" water, or "soft water" depending on where in the UK you are.

    Indeed, there's debate over where it tastes better or worse:

    Is there really a north-south water taste divide?

    Hardness of tap water in the UK

    Many friends had these filters to try and remove the limescale, and you had to regularly clean your kettle to remove the build up of this stuff.

    However, is it drinkable? Sure. No problems at all. Most who buy the bottled water did so purely for convenience, or taste.

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