What does the (+1) mean in flight search engines?

  • In Skyscanner results, when I click on details, it shows the arrival time, then (+1), but it doesn't do this for return time. What does (+1) mean?

    I thought it might mean up to an hour delay, but I would have thought +/- would have been used instead.

  • It means that the flight arrives next day.

    For example if the flight departs on 22:00, 20th of AUG and arrives on 05:00, 21st of AUG, then the (+1) will be shown to indicate that the arrival is next day. This usually happens in eastbound flights.

    Also, the other way around is true. A (-1) can be seen in flights that arrive in the previous day! such as flights from Tokyo (TYO) to Los Angeles (LAX).

    So the difference is between the local date of the place of departure and the local date of the place of arrival isn't it

    @matanster regardless. If arrival is in the next day of the airport, then there will be +1. even if it was in the same timezone.

    Perhaps to ask differently, does it mean that the arrival date according to the destination time zone is one day more than the date of departure according to the origin's time zone?

    @matanster no, it does not mean that.

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