What kind of plug adapter should I use when traveling in Indonesia?

  • How would I charge, say, an iPad with the standard U.S. adapter and cable?

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    Amazon sells a 220V to USB adapter for a $2.48 -- plus 50 cents shipping, so if you feel like splurging on something that can charge your iPad, your iPhone, your Kindle, your camera ...

    buy in Indonesia may get you cheaper cost. It's about 90 cents(USD) or 5000 rupiah if you buy from indonesian shopping malls.

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    The cheating way is to take the USB cable, and just borrow a computer from someone from time to time to charge it with that!

  • Indonesia uses European-style two-pin round plugs ('C'-type is the most common variant found):

    enter image description here

    Voltage is at 220 V 50 Hz (as opposed to 110 V 60 Hz in US). Most modern electronic equipment that has auto-sensing capability should work without needing a voltage converter, you will need a plug adapter though which can buy cheap online. As for Apple products specifically have a look at this question.

    That's 99% true. However, in Batam and possibly other places, they import everything from Singapore and have the British style electric plug.

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