Is 50 minutes of transit time ample in Amsterdam airport?

  • Arriving in AMS in a Delta flight from Bombay at 7 AM. Departure at 7.50 AM in a KLM flight flying to Detroit. On a single leg ticket. Is this going to be time enough? Or should one just bolt as soon as the flight lands? A google just shows the layout of the airport and there don't seem to be dedicated terminals for airlines.

    Edit In case the connecting flight is missed. On a ticket which is non refundable (non - everything - as this was the cheapest ticket), what happens when one misses a connection? Whose responsibility are the next steps? What should be the next steps? Reading other questions about AMS, with 50 minutes, it seems that the luggage is sure to be delayed. Sigh.

    Edit 2 It's been a while, but when I was transiting, 50 minutes was pretty ample enough.

    Its getting progressively scary, they missed transferring mindcorrosive's checked in luggage :(

    Terminals are very close to each other, no bus, shuttle or anything like that but the airport has a kind of star shape, so you might need some time to walk from the entrance of each “pier” to some of the gates. Unfortunately, luggage transfer issues happen in nearly every airport, no need to be overly concerned about that but think about what you pack to be prepared if it happens.

    After the trip, it looks like 50 minutes is ample transit time in AMS.

    Judging by what you wrote you either have 24 hours between flights or you should be arriving in Schipol around 3-4 am on the 22nd. Can you clarify the dates and times please?

    I've edited your question to remove the dates, because this question only makes sense if the ongoing flight is the same day, not if it's more than 24 hours later.

    @Gilles Probably the dates were departure dates.

    I'll add the comment that all KLM flights I've taken so far (which is about 6 I think, 3 going to Schiphol) arrived earlier than scheduled.

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    7 years ago

    50 minutes is doable, especially since airlines tend to arrive ahead of time these days. In case you miss your connecting flight it is good to know your rights. Since, KLM and delta are in the same alliance, I woudn't worry. If you miss your connecting flight, you will most probably get the next flight without additional costs.

    'you will most probably get the next flight without additional costs' -> Is this true even for tickets which were non-refundable and unchangeable etc ?

    @happybuddha yep, at least as long as your delay is the result of a delayed flight. I need to go to AMS by train, but KLM offers that as a "KLM flight" and since the train is prone for delays I often use this construction.

    @andra Could you maybe point me to a resource explaining this KLM train delay thing?

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