Benefits of checking in online when checking bags

  • What is the benefit of checking in online for a flight when you intend to check bags at the airport? I understand some airports have special lines for people that are already checked in but are checking bags. Are there any advantages for airports that don't have those lines?

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    10 years ago

    Several things spring to mind:

    • Paying for excess baggage (if needed) is sometimes cheaper online than in person, with some airlines
    • When you check in online, you can pick your seats, so you can get that sorted before everyone else does theirs at the airport (so you can often get better seats)
    • You know you have a seat (reduced chance of getting bumped because you'll already have a seat assigned)
    • Some airlines have a separate line for passengers who check in online. This "bag drop" line is often shorter than the regular line, and passengers are usually processed faster.
    • If your airline has a "bag drop" line at your origin airport, you may be able to arrive at the airport slightly later.
    • Some airports make you check in at a kiosk at the airport anyway, which prints your boarding pass, so you might as well save time and do it at your leisure at home
    • You can print out a 2nd copy of your boarding pass in case you lose one!

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