How does one know if a rental car takes diesel or gasoline?

  • Quite unlikely, but what if I rent a car and forget to ask if it takes diesel or gasoline? Is it customary that it's written next to the gas tank inlet (I've only rented a car once, and this was the case).

    Or is this something that is easily deduced from the car name? Any other method?

    Small hose nozzle opening PROBABLY - as per Affeter. BUT don't do it. Just don't. You will almost certainly not be provided with a diesel car unless you ask for one. Regardless - if you put petrol in a diesel car you risk major damage. Odds are you will be liable due to the agreement that you have signed. (We travelled for 4 weeks in Europe in Eurolease turbo-diesel manual Peugeot 307 - a pleasantly surprisingly good performing car).

    @RussellMcMahon I did get diesel cars without specifically asking for one (most recently in Ireland IIRC).

    @RussellMcMahon: true you have to pay extra for diesel, but it's not unusual to get free upgrade without asking, just because they don't have the cheaper car you've reserved.

    I once found myself in that situation after reaching the petrol station. So I searched for the manual of the car and found it. It gave the following helpful information: "If your car has a diesel engine, put diesel into the tank. If your car has a petrol engine, put petrol in the tank. ". I kid you not.

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    It's common in Europe for many cars to have a Diesel or Gasoline version.

    Usually, but it is not a rule, if the model of the car has a letter D it's a Diesel car, but this is not a rule. It's not a rule as well for the car to have a letter on the model name.

    Usually in Diesel cars you will find some warnings about it.

    • The rental car agent will tell you
    • Next to the gas tank a warning about the type of petrol.
    • The diameter of gasoline hose has a different size of a diesel hose. It will be hard to put the wrong hose inside the tank.
    • The label on the key could have DIESEL written on it (HERTZ does that)

    enter image description here

    Naming can be misleading, e.g. Hyundai ix35 2.0 GDI ...

    @SantaC.: **Gasoline** Direct Injection

    I know. I only wanted to point out that the advice given above can be misleading: **'if the model of the car has a letter D it's a Diesel car'**

    MB doesn't even has D in their diesel cars.

    @SantaC.: I'd understand that as `D` alone, not in combination with other letters. Which was in fact true. 30 years ago ;-)

    @Karlson: most Mercedes-Benz diesel cars have `CDI` in the version name, with notable exception of ones equipped with `BlueTec` (which is diesel-only technology).

    @vartec They used to. CDI has been converted to BlueTec

    This is incredibly misleading. You hinted at the best answer. Inside the fuel filler flap it will read "unleaded gasoline only" or "diesel only". Usually with a minimum octane rating for gas and maybe a centane rating for diesel.

    Note that the petrol nozzle is smaller than the diesel one. So it is easy to put petrol into a diesel car, but hard to do vice versa. you might want to rephrase this point. :)

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