How much cash can you carry on a flight within the European Union?

  • Is there any specific limit of money you can carry on cash while flying from one European Union country to another?

    I missed the "L" in "flight" and had a bit of a head-scratch moment.

    Be aware that some airports have sniffer dogs that can detect large amounts of cash.

    @DJClayworth How does that work ? If they can detect large amounts of cash surely they can detect smaller amounts too.

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    There seems to be no limit as such.

    However if you carry more than 10'000 €, you might have to declare it depending on the country.

    For example in Germany, you are to declare it when orally asked to do so. For the UK on the other hand, there seems to be no need to do so.

    So if you consider taking more than 10'000 €, you should check the rules for the specific country you are flying to.

    Very good answer! I accept it, as it answers exactly the point. I would say that the rules from the departure country should also be considered.

    True, remember reading a story about some Chinese money launderers who used to buy the old coins thrown away by Bundesbank in bulk, get them to China and repair and then bring them back to Germany in chunks of 9999 EUR

    Similar for the Czech Republic. Remember that cheques and valuables (stocks) can also qualify as money.

    In fact, anything that is "equivalent of" 10,000 and can be used as "money" - you should be ready to provide source of funds. This includes stocks, bonds, cashier's checks, precious metals, etc.

    As mentioned in a comment on another answer, it's worth pointing out that for most countries you may carry as much as you like, you just have to declare it and should expect to be questioned about it.

    @yo' I don't think cheques made out to a named party have to be reported. Perhaps interestingly, imports of gold bullion are specifically excluded from US requirements (but gold coins are required to be reported).

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