How many laptops can I take on an international flight from the US to Europe?

  • I am wondering how many laptops I can take from the U.S. to Europe – of course within baggage – but what about declaration value? What if I took 15 stacked in a suitcase, each worth $70? That is only a bit over $1000 and cheaper than many people's overly expensive Apple laptops. Of course I might have plans to sell them, but am I OK if I am under a particular declaration amount? I have receipts.

    Multiple laptops is not a problem *per se*, as long as you can demonstrate that they're for your personal use - I have recently traveled with three laptops from Europe to the US and back (2 laptops for work, plus my personal one) without problems except a few questioning stares when I kept pulling laptops out of my backpack at the security check.

    @Jonas, did you have all three in your backpack or did you put any in checked baggage?

    @Alex: I had two in my backpack and one in the carry-on bag. More recently, I've travelled with three in my backpack (was a bit heavy, though).

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    There is a EUR 430 allowance but it's explicitly for goods “having no commercial character”. So if you want to sell them, you're not OK, no matter their value. Incidentally, even a single brand new Apple Mac Book for your own use would not be OK either because it would be over the limit (bringing back your own used laptop is a different question).

    It was a long time ago (before the EU rules detailed in the link above) but someone from my family once got in trouble for a handful of baby napkins or something like that. The issue is not merely the value but the fact that having several identical items, especially with receipts or intact packaging is taken as a sign that the goods are new and you might want to sell them instead of carrying them for your personal use.

    Under this logic, the answer to the title question would therefore appear to be “one” even if there is no explicit limit. A suitcase full of identical laptops is certainly likely to attract attention.

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