Getting into a fully booked hotel?

  • Perchance where I'm travelling to has really crappy availability in terms of vacancies for when I'm going. All of the hotels near the area are fully booked for the weekend. I called the front desk for a Hilton Garden Inn and they said it's typical for them to be booked but they don't have a waiting list.

    Does anyone have a clever way I could get a hotel to put me on a waiting list, or notify me when they open up?

    Do you have status with any of the big hotel chains? That can sometimes unlock the last few rooms at a nearly booked out hotel

    No, I'm pretty average joe.

    You could try AirBnB, as a backup plan.

    Look for a hotel where the manager is named Hilbert...

  • Salami

    Salami Correct answer

    7 years ago

    I actually think I have the perfect thing for you. I made this site to check for when any booked hotels open up, and send you an email/text when it does:

    Hotel Alerts

    Full disclosure, I'm the creator of the site. You should add all the hotels that are in that area, and when any of them have an opening, it will notify you right away. Make sure you put all the hotels in there as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting in.

    As @Krippled Hick says, sometimes if you need a booking for 2 or more nights, one or just some of those nights might become available first. Hotel Room Alerts will notify you when a portion of the dates you need open up.

    Improving the site is a labor of love for me. Let me know how it goes!

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