How to get from Haneda airport to Narita airport?

  • I have an Air Asia flight to Haneda, Tokyo's smaller airport. I then need to get to Narita. What public transport options do I have?

    (Assume during the day, as I'll likely nap in the airport until services start running in the morning).

    Actually, Haneda is much bigger than Narita (4th in the world, while Narita is 38th). ;)

    Haneda has far fewer international flights though, although with the recent expansions they're now increasing rapidly.

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    You can take the airport shuttle (Airport Limousine Bus) direct from Haneda (International Terminal) to Narita (Terminal 1 then Terminal 2) for 3,100 JPY. It comes fairly regularly (roughly hourly) and takes around 95 minutes. The earliest departure is 06:25.

    Alternatively you can take the train. The best route depends on time of arrival, but your main options will be:

    Route A

    • Haneda -> Shinagawa (Keikyu Main/Airport Line Rapid Ltd. Exp., 13 mins)
    • Shinagawa -> Narita (Narita Express, 68 mins)

    Total route cost: 3,600 JPY.

    Route B

    • Haneda (through Sengakuji, Oshiage and Aoto) -> Narita (it's one physical line but changes name across the journey, starting out as the Keikyu Main/Airport Line and changing to Toei Asakusa Line, then Keisei Oshiage Line and finally Keisei Narita Sky Access, 94 minutes)

    Total route cost: 1,760 JPY

    If you want specific timings to plan your train journey and see which of the routes is better for you, check out the always-useful Hyperdia website.

    Having taken the bus I strongly recommend it - very comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned. What's more, you can see some incredible urban views on the elevated express ways and drops you right at departures at Narita.

    The bus is by far the best option for this, especially if you've got bags. However, there are occasional direct trains from Haneda to Narita; cheaper than the bus, and no transfers needed, but slower and less comfortable.

    Agreed. That's the 'Route B' I mention - no changes and direct.

    Note that if you are connecting to a flight (which is still very normal) on the same ticket that leaves from the other airport your airline will go to a reasonable effort to inform you of how to catch the bus and the flight times will be generally coordinated with the bus time.

    @codinghands my edit was to fix/update the link to the bus service site, referenced in answered a similar question (not dupe).

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