Why would you wrap your luggage in plastic?

  • At many airports you can wrap your luggage with sheets of sticky plastic. Why on earth would you do that? I only see disadvantages. I can imagine the mess when customs ask you to open your luggage. So what benefits am I missing?

    Wrapping luggage in plastic at JFK airport, USA

    Photo by Reuben Strayer, license: CC BY-SA 2.0

    Just reading this question is making my skin crawl.

    I had to do it once when my suitcase zipper broke about 10 minutes before leaving for the airport. It was worth every penny!

    During a local flight, the airline would refuse to check in a wheelchair unless it was wrapped and protected; so it has its use.

    The answer seems so obvious

    The reason(s) depends very strongly on which airport&country you're flying **from**, and **to**. (Theft rate, accidental damage rate, theft specifically by baggage handlers, contraband, security situation). Also whether the item is easily soiled/damaged/has protruding parts or straps.

  • It's quite simple:

    • You can spot more easily whether someone has opened it
    • It can not open by accident
    • The luggage doesn't get dirty
    • You don't want your expensive luggage to be scratched!
    • It looks really sexy

    *Why would you ever **not** wrap your luggage in plastic??*

    @fredley because you have to pay for it?

    "It looks really sexy". Yeah, if plastic-wrapped stuff is your fetish -- by all means, go ahead and knock yourself out.

    "It cannot open by accident" when dropped from a plane by baggage handlers.

    Regarding protection against scratches and scuffs, etc - The purpose of luggage is to protect the contents. I understand people liking their luggage, but isn't protecting the protection device a little much?

    @neilfein: Not at all! See, you need to have a luggage in a luggage in your luggage (which is then wrapped) for the optimal level of protection ;)

    @yms if you prepare in advance, a whole roll of similar wrapping material costs less than what they charge you in the airport. Maybe a bit more, but if you travel with several family members, wrapping the luggage yourself is definitely cost-effective.

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