I am non-EU citizen working in Germany. Can I travel to UK without a visa?

  • I am from Non-EU country (from Nepal to be precise) and recently moved to Germany for work. I am applying for BlueCard. I would like to travel to UK later this year, can I go there without visa as I am resident in another EU country?

    I can't find this information online. Any links/references will be much appreciated.

    check: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa. Also please provide your citizenship.

  • Nepalese citizens require a visa to visit the UK.

    Having a residence permit from another EU/EEC country does not free you from any UK visitor visa requirements. A residence permit from an EU/EEC country may free you from transit visa requirements. I would however assume that a EU residence permit will ease the application process and make it more probable that your application will be granted.

    (+1) Having an EEA residence permit does free the holder from the DATV requirement so it would be more accurate to write that it does not free you from the requirement to have a visa to visit the UK.

    You are right, I forgot about the transit visa exceptions. I have modified the answer.

    Precisely. In fact, a Schengen visa or residence permit does not grant you access even to territories like Greenland or Faroe Islands, although they're a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, whereas some countries like Mexico waive the visa requirements from people with Schengen residence permits.

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