What does "Baggage: 1PC" mean on my flight ticket?

  • On my e-ticket for my flight with Swiss booked through Travelup.com, I see this:

    Baggage: 1PC

    Does this mean I'm only allowed hang-luggage? Or can I take hand-luggage, and check in one piece of luggage?

    Looks like Baggage: 1 piece.

    Yeah, but does that include hand-luggage?

    Usually that would be Carry-on rather then hand luggage.

    @Karlson I thought carry-on is synonymous with hand luggage (as opposed to “hold” luggage).

    @Relaxed It is but more often referred to as Carry on since it makes a more clear distinction.

    I have always known it as hand luggage (after looking it up, it seems “carry-on” is specifically North American) but what confused me is that your comment could be interpreted as an answer to the question rather than a terminological remark.

    @relaxed That's why I specifically put it as a comment it's not an answer it's a terminological guess.

    @Karlson I meant an answer to the previous comment…

    For me the luggage capacity is given 7 kg minimum and maximum 15 kg and Qty of luggage 1 piece so can i carry 2 piece of luggages

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Airlines tickets usually report the amount of allowed checked baggages. Hand luggages are usually taken for granted.

    However, in this particular case, the Swissair website says:

    When you travel with SWISS, we will transport a certain amount of your baggage free of charge for you. The quantity and weight of this free baggage is clearly defined, and vary according to your booking class.

    So I guess (if you travel in economy class) you are allowed one 23 kg checked baggage plus a 8 kg hand luggage.

    Additional info on checked baggage and hand baggage can be found on the same website.

    carry on is ever more NOT taken for granted, as ever more airlines are charging for each and every bag, including carry on.

    I took both hand-luggage and a checked suitcase and I was allowed, so your answer proved to be correct.

    Good answer, There is one small issue: Swissair grounded in 2002 and is now called SWISS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swissair

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