Refundable Flight Ticket in Malaysia Airlines?

  • In Malaysia Airlines which plan (mhbasic/mhsmart/mhflex) provides refundable ticket?

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    7 years ago

    The exact rules will actually vary slightly depending on the city pairs. On the Malaysia Airlines website, on the Review Your Itinerary and Price page there's a small link at the top for View Fare Rules. You can use that to check exactly what the rules would be for an given ticket you were thinking of buying

    As a general rule though, mhbasic is the least flexible, then mhsmart, then mhflex.

    Looking at a random mhbasic fare, I see things in the fare rules like:

    • changes any time - charge gbp 100.00 for reissue/revalidation
    • changes ticket reissue - rebooking / rerouting after ticketing- the above charge plus fare difference
    • ticket is non-refundable in case of cancel/refund

    So for that one, you can make changes to it for a £100 fee plus any extra fare costs at the time of the change, but you can't have any money back if you cancel.


    Then looking at a random mhflex fare, I see things in the fare rules like:

    • changes ticket reissue - rebooking / rerouting after ticketing permitted with no fees plus fare difference
    • cancellations permitted for cancel/refund. admin fee applies.
    • after departure - cancellations permitted for cancel/refund. note - deduct the applicable one way fare in same or higher rbd and cancellation fee - if any- and refund the balance if any.

    So, on that particular ticket, the mhflex ticket is refundable before departure for a small fee, and after departure less the cost of a one-way for what you've already used (which may mean there's nothing to refund)


    There is no universal answer, it'll depend on the city pairs, but mhflex is likely to be the one you need for full flexibility and near-refundable-ness. Check the fare rules for the full details / speak to a travel agent who can understand them and explain them to you!

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