Are there ways to call "international" toll-free phone numbers?

  • I just had a lot of grief changing a plane ticket from a somewhat exotic location.

    It involved calling with Skype from Tbilisi Georgia to the nearest office for my airline in Istanbul Turkey.

    It turned out the office's booking system for the airline was having some trouble but he told me I could call the airline direct on a toll-free number. He assured me it would work even though I didn't expect such things to work internationally.

    I tried using Skype and I tried using a Georgian mobile phone. I couldn't get either to work.

    So that's the back story. The actual question is Is there a way to call "international" toll-free phone numbers?

    The reason for the scare quotes on "international" is because it's a vague term. It may mean either of these things:

    • Something like 800 / 0 800 / 1 800 numbers that can be called from any country.
    • Toll-free number in country A that can be called even if you're in country B. In which case you'd need to use the country code as well as the 800 / 0 800 / 1 800 part somehow.

    My experience is that you can't call these from a mobile even in the country and as increasingly people (where I am in Europe) don't have landlines it proves a tricky situation. I'm trying to find a non 800 number to call the airline here but it's impossible to find since it is Air New Zealand's EU site.

  • Generally

    The simple answer is: you can't...from a normal phone. Toll-free numbers are specific to the phone exchange system of a particular country and thus when calling from a VOIP phone provider like Skype or calling from a different country's network the call won't get routed through correctly. Your alternative to insist on asking for the version of the toll-free number with an international dialling code. In most cases, toll-free numbers are simply forwarding call internally with a phone exchange and by changing the prefix, you get the real number. In the UK for instance we have Say No To 0870 which provides listings of direct numbers.

    North America

    A more complicated answer is that for countries under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Agreement such as USA, Canada and handful of other countries they all have a common numbering system and toll-free calls will be supported. This may or may not always work depending on whether the toll-free number owner allows such calls: see this guide on international toll-free calling.


    For selected few countries, Skype does support free calls to toll-free numbers. This covers US and UK among major countries, which should cover a wide range of financial, airline, and travel assistance numbers. Manually change the country to the one you're dialling to from the drop-down list in Skype's phone pad if you don't want to type in a number with international dialling code.

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