How to find the nearest location which has sunny forecast

  • Here is a scenario, I live in Seattle which is mostly cloudy or rainy these days. And I want to spend next weekend at a location, which should be close to my city but has reasonable probability of sunshine. I have found websites which give me forecast for a given location for next 10 days; but that requires me to keep trying the locations around me one by one, while increasing the diameter. I also found websites which show me the forecast for the whole state but only for next 1 or 2 days. So that is not very useful.

    The accuracy of forecasts 10 days in advance isn't really there yet. So the best you can do is look at cloud cover the dynamics and prevalent winds.

    I wish we could put bounties on questions! I needed this on the turn of 2011/2012 when I had a three month client onsite in London and the lack of sunshine drove me near insane. I escaped for a weekend to Portugal as I had no better idea.

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    4 years ago

    Sunspot - Find Good Weather in Your Area

    I made this app to address the problem. I'm also from Seattle. This does pretty much exactly what you want.

    Seems this has been removed from the App Store?

    Hi there, version 2 is out now: We removed V1 in 2018 due to problems with Yahoo Weather API. But the new version uses our own API that grabs weather data from NOAA directly

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