How to remove airlines/security tag stickers from suitcases?

  • I travel a lot, for both business and pleasure reasons. One of the annoying things I face (beside full passport pages) is the many tags stuck to my suitcase which I like to take in almost all my trips. I recently had to give up my favorite 12 years old Samsonite hard-shell suitcase because it was too ugly and I could not remove the tags easily.

    This is a photo of one of my other suitcases which is not really old and does not have many stickers:

    suitcase with numerous old tags

    I know that the best way to get rid of those is to remove them while they are fresh (eg. right after arrival) when the glue still not really dry, but I just keep forgetting and by the time I notice that tags are really stuck and won't be removed.

    How do I remove old tag stickers from hard-shell suitcases completely?

    Wrapping the suitcase in plastic would make this job easier - simply remove the plastic and off come the stickers.

    Print out, on an A4 paper, "stick it here" (that's what she...). attach this paper with some scotch-tape to your luggage next time. Honestly, it worked on my leather traveler's bag

    Note that by now there are a lot of suggestions (answers), but whether these work (well) will depend on the type of glue used on the stickers. And since there thousands of different adhesives, it will remain a case of trial and error. Make sure to try a little of the solvent on the bottom of the case first, to check if it does not damage the suitcase material.

    No help for you of the pristine luggage persuasion, but having stickers and such like on there makes your suitcase more easily identifiable and probably less likely to be stolen, in my opinion.

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    One thing I use and are available easily is, ahem, Alcohol. A few drops and rubbing tight can clean the stickers very easily

    There are many alternatives too. WD-40, anything with acetone, Goo Gone, etc.

    As Dan Neely points out, be cautious when using acetone because it can melt some plastics.

    I'd be cautious about using acetone; it can melt some plastics...

    In my experience, gasoline works much better than alcohol in removing adhesive.

    @FedericoPoloni You should expound and post this as an answer. Even in my experience petrol is the best way to get rid of adhesives.

    A lot of things can attack plastics. The suitcase is probably ABS, for what it's worth. But _any_ adhesive remover should be tested on a non-important spot.

    I'd be cautious about WD-40 - it contains some amounts of oil and oil can be very bad for plastics.

    @pnuts: Sure, they also say it is suitable for lubrication which it is not Marketing claims, you know.

    @pnuts: Containing some amounts of oil does not necessarily make something suitable for lubrication. Other components matter too.

    i always use lighter fluid. works very well for any kind of sticker on any surface.

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