Prepaid SIM card with best data plan in Canada

  • I'm travelling to Canada

    Does anyone know which prepaid SIM card has the best data plan?

    In term of data usage and 3G/4G coverage. I don't think I'm ging to need to call a lot so talk time/texting/etc. are just optional. The only thing I care is data, preferably 2GB with cheapest fee.

    T-mobile's data plans work in Canada. $20 for 1GB

  • ecnepsnai

    ecnepsnai Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Here's what the current Telco providers have for prepaid data plans (closest to 2GB):

    • Rogers offers 2GB on the Talk, Text and Internet 80. $80.75/month. $0.04/mb
    • Bell offers 2GB on the Prepaid - 100MB with $50 add on. $70.75/month. roughly $0.03/mb
    • Chatr offers 1GB on the Canada-wide Talk & Text with $25 add on. $60.00/month. $0.06/mb
    • Telus offers 400MB on the Talk + Data + Messaging 40. $40.00/month. $0.1/mb
    • Fido offers 1GB on the The base Prepaid plan ($15.75) with a $30 add on. $45.75/month. $0.04/mb
    • Koodo offers 1GB on the The base Prepaid plan ($15.00) with a $30 add on. $45.00/month. $0.04/mb

    This is a very through review of the prepaid plans however this is not what the OP asked -- he wanted data. There are data only plans, mostly sold as "ipad plan" or "tablet plan" or sometimes "mobile internet".

    To ecnepsnai: thanks a lot for the compilation. I myself would never be able to get this list. To chx: thanks for the internet plan suggestion as well. But I think even though it's not imminent now, I guess I still need calling somehow, so I will personally choose Bell talk + 2GB data plan added on.

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