Transfer from Incheon airport to Gimpo and vice versa

  • I am travelling from UAE to South Korea (Gwangju). I have a flight to Seoul (Incheon airport) then from that airport to Gimpo Airport in order to fly to Gwangju

    Return ticket will be from Gimpo to Incheon airport.

    I am trying to find the different possibilities car/bus/train to go from Incheon to Gimpo like duration as I am afraid to miss flight, and cost. Which one might be better?

    Take AREX train. Easy, inexpensive and convenient. Yes, some walking required to the station @ Gimpo. Signs are easy to follow.

  • Take the train. The A'REX will whisk you from Incheon Airport straight to Gimpo Airport in 35 minutes for just 3,750 won (~US$3.50), with trains every 10 minutes or so. Note that you'll need to take the regular "All Stop Train" (commuter) service; the express goes straight to Seoul Station.

    There are also bus services, which can be marginally faster if traffic is in your favor, but run less often and cost about twice the price (7,500 won).

    I took this last year and signage is excellent and in four languages, including English. It will be easy to find.

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