Applying for a visa from outside country of origin

  • Is it generally possible to apply for a visa to another country from a country that is not my country of origin? As a concrete example to clarify, I have a German passport and I can travel without applying for a visa beforehand through France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, but in order to enter Guinea, I need to apply for a visa. Is it possible to do this from Senegal (for example)? Also, which embassy will be responsible for that?

    It is possible to apply for a visa for Guinea in Senegal. You have to search for a visa application center of Guinea-Bissau in Senegal. So the visa center of Guinea will be responsible. I know it's possible, but I haven't done this myself. Edit: I just read it's not possible for all countries, so someone better back this up.

    I suggest breaking it up for each one. It depends on the country. For example, Russia only lets you apply from the country of your citizenship OR residency, making it nearly impossible to do on the road. Given your list of countries, separate questions will be better as it's too broad to be covered in one answer. Very interesting trip though! Plase do hop into the [chat] when you can and let us know about it, it sounds amazing.

    These are great replies! Tom's answer certainly answers my question if it is generally possible to apply for a visa on the road and in particular for those African countries I mentioned. In that sense, I think that the question can stay together, detailled questions about each country of course need to be researched beforehand and in more detail. What I asked about was if there is a general "law" that says a visa can only be applied for from the country of residence. Since this was answered perfectly, I gladly accept the answer.

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    6 years ago

    The answer to the broader question, can you apply for a visa from a country other than your home country, is MAYBE.

    Each country has different rules for visa application procedures. Some restrict you to applying in your home country, some allow you to apply from another country if you have residency status there, some allow you to apply from another country if you are visiting with the proper visa, some could care less where you apply from. There is no universal rule.

    A couple of ways to determine this would be:

    1. visit a visa handling agency such as CIBT, etc who have offices and agents all over the globe. Their visa inquiry forms often allow you to note where you are currently located;

    2. do a web search for your destination's embassy in the country you plan to apply for the visa from, but keep in mind you may be searching for "Embassy", "Consulate", "Honorary Consulate General", as not every country maintains a full diplomatic mission in each country of the world.

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