How I find the BA-equivalent booking reference for an American Airlines-managed reservation?

  • Note: I do this regularly, so I am looking for a faster option than calling the airline on the phone - I'd like something I can do online.

    I have booked a reservation with American Airlines on It is ticketed and paid for, and contains an American Airlines flight and a BA flight. I am American Airlines Platinum (Sapphire) and the number is against the reservation. I would like to view the reservation on the BA website to change the seating, which I can't do on

    I know from past experience that such reservations tend to have two reservation codes, one for the AA portion (Sabre?) and one for the BA portion (Amadeus?). But I don't know how to find the BA code, or to display the reservation on the BA website. Entering the AA code simply gives an error that the reservation cannot be found.

    How can I find the BA reservation code for this reservation, or change the seat?

    The other way around (booking a flight with AA on, I remember that this was fairly easy to find out. I don't have such a booking at the moment to check though, so I can't give you more details... Maybe just book the next time with BA?

    @traindriver, thanks. Wasn't an option as I used miles to pay for it. Good thought though.

    Did you try to use AA booking number to login to your booking from this page?

    IkeelYou, yes. It is not recognised.

    Have you added your BAEC frequent flier details to the booking on the AA website? At least sometimes, doing that causes the booking to show up in my BAEC upcoming flights list, from which I can then manage the BA legs

    Ikeelyou, yep. Still no dice.

    Gagravarr, I'm not a BA frequent flyer - I am an AAdvantage member.

    I created a BAEC account and then, while logged into that account, went to and tried to select a seat from their site. You have to pay to actually select a seat but clicking the link is free and if you do so while you're logged into your BAEC it seems to auto-link the AA flight to your BAEC account.

    Actually easy.. go to the qantas website.. manage your flight., and put in your AA locator number.. it finds your flight but repopulates your locator field with your BA locator number.. I do it all the time..

  • I cannot guarantee it will be work in every scenario, but at least in this case, I found an answer.

    It appears sometime after ticketing, the American Airlines number will work in the BA MMB page, as suggested by IKeelYou - somewhat. I tried it again this morning and it gave me an error, stating that it couldn't find the reservation, but pre-populated the reservation number box on the error page with a different reservation code. I tried this reservation code from the MMB page, and lo and behold - my reservation!

    Seems like BA's website needs some bug-fixing, but I do at least have access now.

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