What is the purpose of this cloth in hotel?

  • hotel room before i trash it!!

    What is the purpose of the cloth across the bed? I see it at many hotels and it does not seem to serve any purpose other than make it look nice. Any idea what it can be used for?

    Ps. The purplish elephant in foreground is towel. It looks nice!

    "not ... serve any purpose other than make it look nice" Well, congratulations, you just answered your question by yourself...

    I think its pretty obvious that it serves to make the towel elephant feel more regal, no?

    Now I'm wondering on which SE site I should ask, *"How do I fold a towel or towel set into an elephant?"*

    @AdamDavis It's about time someone proposes a towel folding stackexchange on Area 51.

    @AdamDavis Would that not come under origami? It might not be paper but it's still folding. If there isn't an origiami.stackexchange yet then we need to get one going.

    @AdamDavis before asking, you should at least try an image search, the result is quite astonishing.

    @AdamDavis "Towel Origami" is the phrase you are looking for. There are several books available (Amazon should help with that), and of course lots of videos that others are already pointing at.

    @AdamDavis, Philipp, someday we'll just run it by the concierge at frontdesk.stackexchange.com! =)

    As bed runners are there to stop dirty shoes soiling the quilt/sheet, why do hotels put clean towels on the runner, where somebody's dirty shoes have been?

  • Adam Davis

    Adam Davis Correct answer

    6 years ago

    A bed runner is a small, long piece of decorated cloth used to enhance the appearance of an otherwise plain bed. While some prefer the look solely for aesthetic reasons and would choose it even if it were more expensive than traditional decorative bedding, the primary reason to use one in the hospitality industry is to reduce costs while keeping the room attractive.

    Plain white linen not only costs less initially, it's easy and cheaper to launder than decorative linen. Delicate or decorative fabrics often can't be bleached, and are easily damaged by mechanical washing machines - they simply don't last as long. However, white blankets, comforters, and bedspreads are easy to clean and sanitize, don't fade, and still look good even after many washing cycles.

    Plain white linen doesn't look as attractive as a fully decorated bed, though.

    So a bed runner, which is small and only used for decoration, will enhance the appearance of the room while not requiring frequent laundering (only when obvious spots appear), and , being small, are easy and cheaply manufactured. When they do need to be laundered, several of them can fit into a load, and that load can be run on a gentle cycle - the shear volume of bedclothes that must be laundered would prevent large bedspreads from this care, but the relatively smaller volume allows an occasional load of runners to take more time and perhaps a more expensive detergent process to clean without causing delays in resetting rooms.

    Further, some hotel guests prefer clean white linen - which is easier to inspect and note stains or previous usage - to patterned linen for personal hygiene reasons. Bed runners add touches of decoration while still exhibiting cleanliness for picky travelers.

    @Relaxed: Personally, I find a room that does not force me to bother with stowing away a bed runner into some shelf or wardrobe more attractive, even though it may not be as aesthetic ;)

    Interesting, I had always assumed they are so you can lie on the bed without your shoes spoiling the sheets.

    @O.R.Mapper, I suggest you try leaving it where it is. Works for me. Keeps my toes warm.

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