What should I write in "Member states of destination" on Schengen visa applications?

  • I am traveling to Paris staying there for 5 days then flying to Spain and staying there for 10 days.

    My understanding is that since Spain is where I am spending most of the time then I should apply for the visa in the spanish embassy.

    But how about these fields in my case, How should I fill them? "Member states of destination" & "Member state of first entry"... Should they be "Spain" and "France" respectively?

    Thanks. I saw this post before but it doesnt mention these fields in the visa application in specific.

    Yes you are correct.

    Seriously?!! no one filled a VISA application before?!!

    One is plural and the other one is singular: you can only enter one state but you can visit more that one. So I imagine entry would be Spain, and member States would be Spain and France in your case.

    Thanks Jo, My first entry is actually France. But yes, I finally figured out the information you stated from other forums.

  • JoErNanO

    JoErNanO Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Member states of destination

    is plural and

    member state of first entry

    is singular for a simple reason: you can only enter Schengen from one state but you can visit more that one member state whilst in the Area. So I imagine that in your case first entry would be France, and member destination states would be France and Spain.

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