Are there any legal requirements for renting a car in the US as a foreigner?

  • I am planning a road trip in the US with some friends and plan to rent a car for the purpose. Are there any legal requirements for renting a car.

    Do they require a US driver's license?
    Do I have to pay for extra insurance?

    First and most important international requirement: You must have the money to pay for it. Jest kiddin.

  • You don't need US driver's license, just your national one.

    Some of the insurances are mandatory, some are optional. This article on WikiTravel gives a good overview. Details differ between different rental companies, so read the fine print on their web sites.

    You usually have to be 25 or older and need a credit card.

    that age gone up? Was 21 when last I visited back in 2004 (at least for Hertz), or 18 if you were willing to pay for extra insurance.

    You are right, 25 is the standard age without any 'Age Differential Charge'. At Hertz you can rent a car at 20 but only certain types. Other companies may have even lower limits.

    @PeterHahndorf National driver's license may not suffice. It may have to be an international one. And probably for Slavo it will not.

    For whether you need an international license or not see: **Are international driving licences really necessary for any country?**

    @hippietrail - No answer to that questions covers the U.S.

    @PeterHahndorf The answer is simple if a counter clerk in the US can't read your name from the driver's license you need an International one.

    @PeterHahndorf: Maybe not yet but it can accumulate more answers (-;

    @Karlson: I heard that the US also requires photo licences. There may still be some places that issue licenses without a photo.

    @hippietrail Until recently (5 years ago) you could get your driver's license without the photo in the state of New Jersey in the US.

    "You usually have to be 25 or older" No. 21 or older is the norm.

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