What does "Baggage Allowance 1PC" mean on an SAS flight reservation?

  • I booked a flight through the Corte Ingles Viajes site, going from Oslo to Barcelona with SAS. It says in the confirmation email that I have a 1-piece baggage allowance. Does it mean that I am allowed to check in a 23-kg piece of luggage and carry a hand luggage?

    "PC" most likely means "piece", and therefore you are allowed 1 piece of checked luggage.

    @MichaelHampton That is correct

  • According to Seatguru and FlySAS, on SAS you're always allowed a carry-on luggage and at least one piece of checked luggage. So yes, you're correct

    Simple rules. SAS always allows you to take at least one bag (up to 23 kg/51 lbs.) with you, plus one cabin baggage item up to 8 kg/18 lbs. completely free. If you are traveling in SAS Plus or SAS Business, you can take even more – consult the table below.

    SAS GO        SAS PLUS        SAS Business
                                  to/from the US/Asia
    1 piece       2 pieces        2 pieces 
    23 kg/51 lbs  23 kg/51 lbs    32 kg/71 lbs

    I suggest you quote the relevant parts of the links in your answer since links are prone to 404 oblivion. ;)

    @JoErNanO quite right, updated

    thank you so much for the answer! it helps also for my further ticket purchase :)

    @Estela glad I could help, consider marking the answer accepted as to help others in the future :)

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