Can I fly with a gold bar?

  • Can I fly with a Good Delivery gold bar? I'll have the certificate that I have been given with it.

    I have looked on Google and found nothing that suggests it's a prohibited item on an aircraft. It's below the weight I am allowed to carry in person. I'll be taking it to Moscow, flying from Heathrow with BA.

    Person carrying a gold bar

    You need help in carrying that?

    You'd probably need to declare it on your customs form:

    Does gold count as a "negotiable instrument" for either UK/Rus?

    i suggest you also wear a bulletproof vest.

    @CMaster - you do for the US per,-medals,-and-bullion . Not sure about Russa / UK. Quick Google searches weren't fruitful but my guess would be yes if it counts as such in the US..

    You should have no problems from customs as long as you can prove legitimacy but flying to about $450,000 in a highly negotiable security on your person seems kinda silly.

    For what that bar is worth, I'd hire a bonded and insured delivery company to deliver it to my destination.

    @henning I wish my boss was smart enough to go with my idea: turning the gold bar into thin metal plates and stuff my vest with them, endless advantages. Easier for the security guys, no issues with luggage people, I would feel 100% secure that bullets can't get to me ... etc

    Wouldn't it be easier to walk into a bank and ask *them* to procure a gold bar, given a wire transfer? Then nobody has to fly anywhere.

    Not sure how soft gold metal disks will make you 100% bullet proof, but could ya let us know how this works out? It sounds a lot like the intro to a Guy Richie movie

    Reminder to test your gold bars are actually solid, as there's been quite a few cases of fake bars that are full of tungsten

    @Johnny I don't trust them, they might replace it with a fake one and I am no gold expert.

    Here's a funny story about security check with a Nobel Price (which is made of gold).

    Pray that nobody steals that, if they allow you to!

    This was entertaining to read, but the "wish my boss was smart enough to melt a bar into disks so I could shove them down my vest and be secure bullets can't get me" gave its tongue-in-cheek'ness away.

    Looking at all the question you've posted, both here and on, one really starts to wonder what business you're in !

    I would point out that transferring items of currency into Russia given the current sanctions could very well get you into trouble on the way *out* of the country. Talk to a lawyer.

    It probably doesn't matter to the gold bar's owner, given what you're being asked to do, but from what I've read, the "Good Delivery" label requires a Chain of Integrity, which would be broken when you transport it (unless you're actually working for a secure transport company, which seems unlikely given the question). So it may be *a* gold bar, but it wouldn't be a *Good Delivery* gold bar any more.

    @MichaelT: The amount of trouble you may get for trying to circumvent the embargo is nothing compared to the carrier's trouble when _anyone_ in the streets in Moscow figures out you have a gold bar in your pocket (I know people who were beaten to cripples _for a camera_). Or, for that matter, the trouble with the russian-mafia owner of that gold bar who will most probably feed you to his dogs if you let it happen that someone steals it.

    You are flying it to Moscow, so you might get some scrutiny at heathrow from customs as they might think you're trying to violate the EU financial sanctions against Russia. Seriously though if your boss is too cheap to pay for a bonded courier for his gold bullion, He deserves whatever bad happens to his cargo. I Imagine though that your boss wants to avoid a bonded courier as this transfer is a little shady. If that's the case I'd get the hell out of there if i were you.

    Of course, these days, this is restricted in one way or another in many countries. Naturally the exact answer depends on which country you are flying from/to. But in general almost all countries now have **a limit on the amount of cash** you can carry in or out, or if not a limit a declaration must be made, and it will potentially be confiscated if you don't do that. And of course, many have included gold in that calculation. There are many QA about it, even on this site.

    It probably shouldn't be allowed in carry-on, just because of it's sheer density. I wonder how hard it would be to throw it through a wall.

    @o0'. Just do the praying in the seat, not in the aisle.

  • Maybe not exactly the answer to your question, but according to this site (see Section XIV, Chapter 71, HS code 7108131000), Russia imposes a 20% customs duty on the importation of gold bars. So unless you have 5.3 million rubles on hand to pay the customs duty (or can break off a fifth of the bar), expect the customs officers to hold on to your gold bar until you come up with the money. Be sure to get a receipt!

    Can I pay by card?

    @User: I don't know. Does your credit card even have a limit that high?

    Not mine, it belongs to the person who owns the gold bar, I am just the transporter

    @User: Oh, the plot thickens. I bet you'll get lots of questions from Russian customs about the owner. Honestly, I have nothing resembling direct knowledge or experience of this situation, I'm just sharing information I found. I really think you ought to get advice from a professional (probably a Russian lawyer, at least; yes this will cost money) before undertaking this journey. With the amount of money at stake, I'd be very uncomfortable just relying on the advice of random people from the Internet.

    we don't want to draw attention, I don't want to become a target

    Let me be a little more blunt: if you are not a trained professional, **this sounds insane. Don't do it.**

    You also might want to consider not doing this after having publicly declared your intention to do it on the internet... especially as your questions on other sites give away quite a few clues about what you might look like and other biographical details

    I doubt breaking of a fifth of the bar would be accepted.

    @user568458 which other questions? I'm very careful.

    @User I'd suggest seeing if you can de-link your Travel account from your other accounts. From about 10 minutes skimming a few random questions, they don't completely give away anything beyond what city you live and work in, what type of shop you work in, how many people you work with, your parental & marital status and your religion, but I do feel like there are enough clues that I could guess your gender, age to within 8 years, your race, how strong an accent you have, your personality... plus a couple of clues that narrow down which districts your workplace could be...

    @user568458 I hope they don't send you after me Sherlock!

    @user568458: Like asking if he can wear a bulletproof vest?

    @User You laugh but it's not difficult to work out that you're possibly Finnish or have a connection with Finland and work and live in the UK and are probably an IT professional from just a cursory glance at your network profiles. But I honestly wonder if this question isn't a wind-up though (looking at your other posts).

    @Nobilis the question is serious and valid but thanks for being polite

    in the laptop bag question he shows which flight it is!

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