Are there any airlines that still allow smoking on-board flights?

  • Do any airlines still allow smoking on-board international flights, or is this something that has been banned across the board everywhere? If this is because of fire hazard regulations, what about e-cigarettes?

    funnily, even though smoking is banned on US flights by the FAA, by law, all airplane lavatories still have to have an ash-tray. It's a very interesting read:

    ^ I've always wondered why that is so! In fact, that's one of the things that made me ask this question.

    If people want to fly on an airplane which allows smoking, why shouldn't they be able to? Cigarettes are not illegal and are heavily taxed as well. If cigarette smokers want to fly on a passenger plane which allows them to smoke, anywhere in the world, why shouldn't an airline be able to serve them if it wants to? That's freedom of choice isn't it?

    @AnkurBanerjee Interesting question. How come we still don't have an *accurate* answer for e-cigarettes?

    The flights I have been on recently did mention that the ban on smoking does include e-cigarettes. But that is just the one company. I was hoping for a new list with the updated link to the chart in the accepted answer, but alas, it is still for 2003.

    @MarkMayo The ash tray in placed so that those who attempt to smoke use that instead of trash box filled with flammable paper tissues. Smoke detector will trigger and that person will be punished anyway.

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    I believe this chart will be of use to you.

    I used to wonder why they even bothered to have "No smoking" signs, but now I realise - Air Algeria, Cubana, Garuda, Iran Air and more still allow smoking in certain sections.

    The chart is quite old, but my friend flew Cubana at the end of 2010 and confirmed that there was smoking onboard his flight then.

    According to

    1979: Cigars and Pipes banned on aircraft 1988: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 2 hours 1990: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 6 hours 1998: Smoking banned on all US Domestic flights 2000: Federal law introduced banning smoking on all flights by US airlines.

    I can't seem to find any information about when it was banned in the UK, other than the mid 1990s.

    There is no overall law or treaty that bans smoking on all international flights. See related links for information about which countries (most of them) have banned smoking on aircraft departing from their airports.

    The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is the world's first public health treaty. The FCTC entered into force on 27 February 2005. The FCTC contains different measures designed to reduce the devastating impact of tobacco on health and economics. As of January 2009, 168 countries have signed the treaty, and 161 countries have ratified the treaty, becoming Parties to the FCTC. recognises that 2010 marked the 20 year Anniversary of smokefree U.S. domestic flights, and the ten year anniversary of smokefree flights in and out of the United States.

    And according to the New York Times, smoking was ALWAYS permitted on the Concorde.

    In addition, several flyertalk forums refer to attempts to start smokers-only airlines, although these ideas seem to largely have been all hot air, gone up in smoke, or flamed out...

    Last week I noticed for the first time the non-smoking sign being replaced by a no-electronic devices sign. This was on a KLM flight on one of their new embraers

    oh wow, not seen that before. Sign of the times, makes sense.

    Seems outdated to me. It's marked 'updated July 15, 2003'. For instance, 'Indian Airlines' doesn't even exist by that name any more (and certainly doesn't allow smoking in its new avatar Air India, AFAIK).

    Indeed, but like I said, even Cubana 13 months ago was still permitting it. It at least sets a baseline for 2003 of the ones remaining that permit it. As you have ruled out Indian airlines we just need a few others and the skies will be smoke free.

    afaik Garuda no longer allows smoking either, at least on international flights.

    Or domestic flights. That chart is *way* out of date...

    From where do you get the information that Iran Air allows smoking on certain sections?

    @FooBar from the linked chart, but unfortunately the link is now broken :/

    I just checked the IranAir website in Persian language (main language of Iranians). And smoking is prohibited.

    @Arashsoft this was written 4 years ago :/

    @MarkMayo, but it is edited three days ago! we should provide accurate answers.

    @Arashsoft yes, not by me - it was updated to provide a historical copy of the chart. I agree about accuracy, and you're welcome to update answers, but commenting isn't always as helpful, as they get lost in the noise sometimes :(

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