What is the etiquette around sex in hotel beds?

  • What etiquette is involved for copulation in hotel (not motel) beds?

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about this around.

    Well this is going to be a Hot Question

    Buy her dinner first. Maybe flowers. Make sure she wants it. That's about it.

    Don't make too much of a mess, and if you do clean up as much of it as you can and leave an enormous tip.

    @Flimzy I think you're a lot more romantic than the average business traveller in a Crowne Plaza!

    This is an insane question.

    Actually, I'm voting as unclear. There is no personal etiquette difference between using a Hotel and your place of residence. Why Hotel and not Motel? To me, it's unclear as to what you are actually asking here.

    Could I suggest that we replace the overly technical term "copulation" with the more generally understood, and still tasteful, "sex"? It will also be better for searching.

    Perhaps only just on topic, but if you want an education in hotel sex etiquette, you can do no better than to watch the hilarious Glenda Jackson movie, *A Touch of Class.* It is a 1973 British romantic comedy film which tells the story of a couple having an affair ---> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Touch_of_Class_(film)

    @cgcampbell: I think this is not about etiquette differences with respect to your partner, but the other hotel guests and staff (particularly those who wash, or don't wash, the bedding and linens). Those features typically don't exist at your own residence. I agree, though, that I don't see any particular reason why hotels should differ from motels as to the appropriate etiquette.

    @NateEldredge: Presumably the question title was chosen to avoid Hot Network Questions SFW-filtering.

    @CGCampbell "Why Hotel and not Motel?" That may depend on where the OP is from. In Brazil, for instance, "motel" refers to a specialised kind of hotel to which couples go to have sex.

    @duplode: There may be regionally restricted (and also not so regionally restricted) assumptions and associations with what happens in motels, but the basic definition of the English word (e.g. OED, MW) is still that it is simply a hotel whose rooms are quite directly accessible from parking lots. As such, I wouldn't distinguish (after all, there are also categories of non-motel hotels that are more prepared for short-term stays of couples).

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    There is nothing wrong with having sex in hotel beds. Treat it like your own bed. Don't stain the sheets too much, since someone else has to clean it.

    Think of all the people going on "romantic breaks", or honeymoons, or a wedding. Plenty of people have sex in hotel rooms.

    You should put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door.

    '"romantic breaks", or honeymoons, or a wedding' :-) More like think about men and women spending 200 nights/year on business away from their families/friends in strange cities

    @pnuts Actually, good hotels tend to have well sound-proofed rooms, I can't recall ever being seriously disturbed by other guests in my years of business travel. Plywood partitions in backpacker hostels are another story.

    @jpatokal Even partitions don't help when it's happening in your dorm :/ (shudders)

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