Can you take large umbrellas on a plane?

  • By large umbrellas, I mean the non-collapsible ones that look like these :

    enter image description here

    Will there be any issue with bringing around a long, pointy object on aircraft?

    which country/airline are you planning on doing this with?

    @MarkMayo, I didn't specify that as I typically don't stick with one airline. Most of my destinations are in Asia/Australia though, and my origin country is Australia.

    Slight problem with that is different airlines might have different policies :/ Especially the LCCs who tend to be very strict on luggage.

    Isn't that a collapsable umbrella? It looks like a normal sized one.

    Even if allowed, by the time you arrive at the airport it may not be in good shape

    I presume you mean bring it onto the plane as carry on? It depends on the airline and potentially the enforcement by staff. If you can fit it into your check-in luggage then no problems

  • You can't be sure of it. I've had an umbrella like that confiscated by security in Brussels Charleroi.

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