What will happen if 2 out of 3 seats are confirmed and 1 seat is in Waitlist which is booked via IRCTC online?

  • I have booked these tickets via the IRCTC website:

    Sl. No. Name    Age Gender  Status  Coach   Seat / Berth / WL No
    1   Ravi        25  Female  CNF     S3      13 
    2   Rina        25  Female  CNF     S3      56 
    3   Ajay        25  Male    WL      124 

    Since online what will happen if the last ticket is not confirmed, will all tickets be cancelled or only the last?

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    5 years ago

    The answer by blvdeer is partially correct in that it confirms the rule, but does not answer your question. The answer to your question is that if there is even one passenger who has a confirmed reservation in a ticket all the passengers in the same ticket can board the train and shall be provided seats as and when they become available. Partially confirmed tickets will not be automatically dropped. This is as per the first paragraph of the answer provided by bvldeer

    So would the third passenger have to stand for the entire journey?

    @JonathanReez In case of a long distance train with berths (sleeping bunk beds), the passenger can share berths with other passengers travelling with him. In case of chair cars, well he has to stand. Indian railways e-tickets are automatically cancelled in case of waitlisted passengers, so any such passenger found on train is deemed "ticket-less" and penalised. For partially confirmed e-tickets (as asked by OP) and paper tickets, they are actually allowed to board the train and are not penalised as ticket-less. Such passengers are provided seats as they become free (no-show etc.)

    Any source for that statement? Sounds like a weird rule

    @JonathanReez Well that is what the OP is asking about and the rule has been mentioned in answer by blvdeer. I also modified my original comment to add a long-winding explanation.

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