Indian Railways-Online Reservation Rules

  • I booked an online ticket for traveling on Indian Railways for a Short Distance Journey, but my ticket was not confirmed at all and is on the waiting list.

    Can I travel with the waiting list ticket in the General Compartment?

    Could you elaborate what you need? Did you mean to ask whether it can happen that you ticket doesn't get confirmed prior to the departure of the train? If that was what you meant, the answer would be yes, definitely, but it all depends on what route and what WL number you have at the time of your booking.

    @rlesko I have edited my question to make it much more clearer.

    you could not board with waiting E-ticket, for that you'll be considered as without ticket as per Indian railways rules. Make sure your E-ticket must be confirmed before your boarding....I hoped the answered.

    can rac ticket holder travel in e ticketing???

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    OK, great, now I can answer the question. General quota and general compartment are two completely different things. Quotas can be general, foreign, women etc. and that only refers to how many seats are reserved in certain quota. This is a useful in case you can't get a confirmed ticket in general quota because then you can try foreign quota or any other applicable one. Mind you, you can book other quotas only in person, at the counter.

    General compartment on the other hand is one of the classes for traveling by train in India. It is also called Unreserved 2nd sitting. In that class you can travel no matter which ticket you have, be it a General class ticket, a Sleeper class ticket or even 1AC class ticket. General class ticket is the cheapest one that you can get and doesn't fall into the limitations of general quota. If you have a ticket for your train, you can always go to general class. Sometimes this class is totally abandoned and you can sit, lay or do whatever you like but it is usually overcrowded without any space for you to move in. You may sit if you get there on time but as soon as you get up, you lose your seat. Riding in this class can be fun if you don't have too much luggage and if a route is not too long. I usually take general class for short (up to 4 hours) daytime rides.

    Now, to answer your question - no, if you ticket doesn't get confirmed, you will not be able to ride in general class simply because you won't have a ticket since you get refunded for your ticket as soon as they're sure you are not getting confirmed. Don't despair though, you just buy a general class ticket before boarding your train and hope that there will be enough room for you on that train, you won't get anywhere by being polite, just push your way through to get on. Also, one other thing - TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) almost never checks the ticket in general class.

    BTW, you might be able to get a Tatkal quota ticket for your trip. It is a last minute quota which is a bit more expensive but it might just get you on that train without the need for pushing and shoving in general compartment.


    To update my answer, I found that for popular places people just board the train with a waitlisted ticket in Sleeper class which gets them to their destination but is very annoying as they sit on your berths all the way and is kinda unfair since you paid the ticket price and don't get the "comfort" you deserve for your trip. But that's all India, I guess...

    What if the ticket was not booked online but at the railway counter, then there is no refund. Can I travel then?

    You can get a refund, actually, you are suppose to collect your refund if you ticket isn't confirmed. Since you're at the counter already, you can just buy a general compartment ticket then.

    Meant to write `your ticket`...

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