Is a passport required for travelling to Nepal from India by air?

  • I'm an Indian citizen and I want to travel to Nepal by air. Is a passport required?

    Is a passport required to cross the land border? Does the Nepalese embassy in India have a web site? How about the Nepalese immigration service?

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    Indians do not require visa travelling to Nepal but only have today posses passport or driving license or election commission card.It is also advisable today have 2 - 3 Passport size photos in hand.

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  • It seems it is not required; as stated at the airport's website:

    Visas are required for all foreigners wishing to enter into Nepal except for Indian nationalities, who need to fish out their identity at the counter to identify themselves.

    Further from the Nepal Tourism Board's website:

    Indian nationals do not require visa to enter Nepal. As per the Nepalese Immigration, Indian Nationals Traveling to Nepal must posses any One of the following documents:

    1. Passport
    2. Driving License with photo
    3. Photo Identity card issued by a Government Agency
    4. Ration Card with Photo
    5. Election Commission Card with Photo
    6. Identity Card issued by Embassy of India in Kathmandu
    7. Identity Card with Photo issued by Sub- Divisional Magistrate or any other officials above his rank

    Also, please check with your nearest travel agents for documents required by the Indian Immigration for Indians traveling to Nepal.

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