I ordered 'print at home' tickets at Greyhound, but cannot take print out before the bus time

  • I ordered 'print at home' tickets from Greyhound (Binghamton to NYC), but I do not have printer at home. My university library, where I usually print, closed earlier than expected due to some reasons. What should I do now? Should I talk to the people at the terminal ticket counter and explain my situation or do I need to buy a new ticket? Has anyone been in this situation before?

    Copy the tickets to a USB stick, or burn to a CD/DVD, and go to Office Max, Office Depot, FedEx Kinkos, or some similar place. They should be able to print it for you.

    I hated this about Greyhound. Their BoltBus subsidiary allows you to board with just the ticket on your phone screen; why can't Greyhound buses?

    Is the local public library an option? They usually have printing at a reasonable cost, and hopefully you can get set up with a card using your school address.

    FedEx Office are common and a really good way to print. The copier has an email address you can forward the document and place to swipe your credit card to pay the few cents.

    I tried buying a Greyhound ticket while traveling with no access to a printer. The checkout screen only had a "print at home" option and the "will call" option was disabled. The motel front desk refused to print anything out for me. I ended up booking an Amtrak bus ticket - they accept e-tickets on your phone.

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    If you can, try an internet cafe - they usually have printers available. Alternatively, another student? If you have time, even walking into a nearby office and explaining yourself may get you a pity print ;)

    Alternatively, go to the Greyhound terminal early and ask (or better call their help line). But do ask first before buying another ticket - you lose nothing by asking, and they may solve it for you easily. However, note that on their website, it says:

    "It is solely the passenger’s responsibility to print tickets prior to travel. The terminal will not be able to print your ticket"

    so you'd be lucky if you got a generous counter agent willing to do so.

    What they suggest doing online is:

    If you are unable to print ticket after following all the instructions above, please contact our Web Support. An agent may be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-268-9000.

    When calling, inform the agent of the following:

    • Your Print at Home Ticket could not be retrieved from Greyhound.com
    • First and last name of the passenger traveling
    • Departure city
    • Date of departure

    Please note that for security reasons, other information may be required before travel details are released. If you are unable to contact the Customer Service Center or are within one hour of scheduled departure, it is recommended that you purchase a new ticket at the counter and submit the email ticket for refund through the Customer Service Center at a later date.

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