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  • I am traveling to Toronto, ON, Canada in July with my family. We will arrive at around 1 am and we plan to take some rest until around 9 am in the airport and then travel downtown.

    However, the place we are going to stay at during the vacation has a kind of late check-in time, at 5 pm. We'd like to ditch the luggage during the day and pick it up before we check in the accommodation.

    Is there any luggage storage service or baggage locker in downtown Toronto, which is in a fair price range for one-day storage?

    Depending on the type of accomodation you are staying in, they may be happy to take your luggage off you early, even if you can't check in yet. (Most hotels would, just as they look after the luggage of those who have checked out already)

    We are staying in a AirBnB but the host hasn't answered whether we can drop the luggage before check-in time yet. So I'm asking in case they prefer not.

    One of the unfortunate side-effects of the AirBnB business model, there is often no "staff" on-site to handle these types of exceptions.

    Would the hotel not be able to store your luggage prior to check-in? Doesn't hurt to ask ...

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    5 years ago

    You can store luggage at the Toronto Coach Terminal, i.e. the bus station. They still have luggage-lockers there last time I was there (spring 2015).

    Toronto Coach Terminal luggage lockers
    Source: Yelp

    In the end I didn't use the locker but I went to the terminal when I was walking by. The terminal is accessible by streetcar, within walking distance (around 15 minutes if you're carrying luggage) from St. Patrick station and PATH underground foot tunnel system. Take note that the lockers were aged and there are many with broken locks. When I visited here in the evening, almost all lockers were occupied.

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