Does Lufthansa allow you to choose seats for free during checking-in online?

  • When I booked my flight with Lufthansa, an early seat reservation was available for an extra fee. But I did not want to pay extra so I just skipped this step.

    Is it possible for me to check-in online 24h before the departure ? Do I need to pay if I want to select my seat during online checking-in or is it free of charge?

    I travelled with other airlines and it was possible to online check-in 24h before departure without additional fee.

    I've never heard of any airline making you pay to check-in online, so I'm pretty certain you can check-in online for free 24h before

    In my experience, the check-in for Lufthansa is allowed 23 hours before. So don't be surprised if it doesn't work 24 hours before.

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    5 years ago

    Seat selection information is available on Lufthansa's site here.

    Free seat selection during check-in

    You may, of course, choose any of the remaining seats free of charge as soon as check-in for the respective flight begins – usually 23 hours before departure. Please note that selection is limited under these conditions.

    Payment information for economy seating is available here.

    Free seat selection is also available based on status.

    Great, so it is possible to select my seat during online checking-in (23 hours before departure) and it is free of charge. that was my question!

    @yaya Yes. There is an asterisk there, but there's no explanation on the page for what it is though!

    90 Euros to select a seat?!

    No, it was about 12 Euro if I want to select seat during booking!

    The €90 seat is for extra leg room. So it is not just a seat selection.

    This information is out of date now.

    @Muffo Updated answer

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