Is there a practical way to change the phone number in Uber app when arriving at a country?

  • I use Uber app heavily to get taxis basically in any country that has Uber, and I also get a local sim card sometimes.

    I always have my roaming turned on but the problem is in receiving calls, I don't want the drivers to call me and it will be considered an international call for them, some might cancel because of that.

    I have played around the app and tried to edit the account info, it redirects me to the website, and in the website its grayed out, i can't edit the phone number and a note says contact customer service. It seems there is no easy way to change the phone number. I have tried on another uber account as well, same result.

    Is there a more practical and easy way to change the phone number when I land in a new country and get a local sim then change it back after leaving without contacting customer service?

    Uber drivers do not see your phone number, nor do they know whether it's an international number or not. They are proxied via Uber's servers and see a temporary number to call you. Knowing that, do you still need to know how to change the number?

    @berwyn that's impressive! If you have a source for that then that will make a fantastic answer. Anyway, I am sure I received calls from drivers while roaming and it showed their number.. So I am assuming they called me directly.

    I had that problem once in India. That time I must call the driver directly with my local SIM. But I forgot if I used Uber or Olacabs or some similar service

    It is worth noting that Uber is summarily evil, their very business model is built on dismantling the rule of law and also in the United States they are steadily working on reinstating indentured servitude. Do your research and think again on what company are you supporting with your money.

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    4 years ago

    I was having this problem: I was able to find my phone number on the Settings page, but it was grayed out and I couldn't change it. I was changing from a U.S. number to an new international number.

    Here's how I was able to change the number for my account:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click 'Sign Out'
    3. Enter new phone number
    4. Receive verification code
    5. Enter verification code into Uber app
    6. Enter email address and password for old account

    My phone number for my existing account updated to the new number.

    Perfect! That's the only solution that worked for me!

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