What does "hold bag" mean when traveling with easyJet?

  • I will move to the Netherlands and am searching flights to select a price I can afford.

    I found easyJet and since I am moving permanently I will have plenty of stuff with me. I am booking:

    • a standard bag (25 * 20 * 45) that I can have on the plane
    • the bag of my laptop (also on the plane)
    • the rest of my stuff in two bags, one 27 kg, and one 11 kg

    While booking, I found this

    enter image description here

    First of all is the meaning of "hold bag" the bag that I put in the check-in and the one that I await when arriving, in other words, the one that I don't take with me on the plane?

    Second, that says that both should be 20 kg, but my case is one 27 kg and one 11 kg, will that work?

    A *cargo hold* is a compartment for stowing cargo during a voyage.

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    The hold luggage is the luggage that you check-in at the check-in / bag-drop counter when you arrive to the airport. It will not be accessible to you during the flight and you recover it at the luggage carousel after your arrival.

    As written in the excellent answer of @jcaron, easyjet allows you to pool your luggage allowance across bags and even persons on the same booking, as long as no bag is heavier than 32kg. (You should consider accepting his answer instead of mine.) In my old answer I had erroneously assumed this was not possible.

    Note that in the drop-down menu one can also select heavier bags,

    enter image description here

    however their pricing scheme is such that it very quickly makes sense to add another bag instead of acquiring heavier luggage.

    Regarding your intended cabin baggage, i.e. the bags you take with you on the plane, note that easyjet only allows you one such item, and taking a separate laptop bag would incur a higher charge, unless you have paid for a premium fare.

    thank you, but i remember my friends coming from out of Europe and all had bags bigger than 20 kg, maybe there are other airlines that allow me to pay but without selecting the number of bags? (i mean they just care about the altimate weight not the number of bags) do you know if any please?

    @RERERERE we do not do recommendations here, other airlines have other rules but then they might not serve the connection you need. For easyjet the rules are as stated and I am pretty sure you can even out the weight distribution if you pack heavy stuff in the smaller bag or consider buying a cheap bag that allows you to put more stuff in the bag that is now the small one.

    This answer is incorrect. Easyjet explicitly allows you to pool your luggage allowance across items. See my answer for the link.

    @jcaron thanks for pointing out, the downvote, which I assume is yours, is well-deserved. I have corrected my answer, pointing to yours (+1) and IMHO yours should be the accepted answer, I hope the OP comes back to do so.

    @mts, downvote wasn't mine, though whoever made it now retracted it.

    I can confirm you can split the weight over several bags, I've done it recently (last month).

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