How to go from Bangkok airport to Khao San?

  • What are my options to go from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road? And what are the expected prices for this?

    Air Asia one daily flight from MES-DMK---that's international (Indonesia). $50 US check AA site. Malaysia to DMK, etc

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    8 years ago

    The simplest and cheapest way to get to Khao San Road from Suvarnabhumi Airport is to take the Airport Rail Link (ARL) City Line train to Makkasan Station (20 minutes, 35 baht) and then a #556 bus at the bus stop immediately in front of the doors to the station (35 baht). Don't take an Airport Express train - you'll pay a lot extra to save 5 minutes. (As of end of 2010, the #556 no longer runs from the Airport Transportation Centre. This is also the bus you should take in order to get a safe GOVERNMENT LICENCED bus from Southern Bus Terminal to destinations like Samui or Phuket.)

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