Which is "Visa Country of Issue" as asked by Air India?

  • I am trying to check in online for my flight on Air India. It asks for the "Visa country of issue".

    Do they mean where I applied for the visa? I am German and did it in Germany.

    Does it mean India, the country to which I'm travelling and which issued my visa?

    Generally it means the country that issued the visa (not the location of the country's consulate). But without firsthand knowledge of the context, I can't be certain that this is the correct answer in this case.

    Yes it should be India. I have checked in a few times on AI website and I am confident about it. Visa country of issue of your final destination.

    Also Indian visa itself does not mention in which country it was issued (only in MRI)

    @anshabhi perhaps you can post an answer.

  • It should be INDIA.

    In general scenarios, only the Government (or Govt officials representing that country) can issue visa for that country.

    Air India flies to many countries, and they fly many global citizens worldwide. In above scenario, you are traveling to India, and got your visa issued by Indian Embassy in Germany. Since Indian Embassy represents Indian Government, it should be INDIA as "Visa Country of Issue".

    This worked out fine.

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