What is the most affordable tropical getaway from Seattle?

  • I'm looking to plan a 4-5 day trip at the end of March to get away from the cold and relax. I've just moved to Seattle from the East Coast where there are a ton of options for this sort of excursion, but I'm not familiar with the West Coast. Is Hawaii the best bet, or is there a closer, more affordable option?

    Also, where would be the best place to look for package deals (airfare, hotel, etc). for this sort of trip?

  • There's no simple answer to this because flight prices vary according to time of the year. Flight costs are probably going to be the highest, and while it is not the only indicator, a lower flight price indicates an 'off-season'. If you try Kayak's Explore feature (set your airport to Seattle) then it does indeed seem that cheapest flights in March 2013 would be for Hawaii. However, costs are also likely to be more in Hawaii - so you could also consider a host of Carribbean / Central American countries that may be slightly more expensive as far as flights go but have cheaper hotels. Besides, you didn't really mention a budget, whether you're going with a family, etc - all factors that can vary the price.

    Thanks for the pointers Ankur! I should have mentioned that it would be for 2 people. My budget is flexible, but I'd like to stay under $2,500 total. The Kayak explore feature was a huge help. I wish there was something similar for vacation packages. There seems to be a lot more options in Jan and Feb, particularly in Central America, but then disappears in March. Is this simply because these routes have not been posted for March as of yet? Thanks again.

    Once you've shortlisted a couple of airport that have cheap flights for a particular period, use something like Kayak's Vacation deal finder to find packaged deals.

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