How to retrieve the DS-160 application number after closing the browser window?

  • Due to time out, my application exited without completion. I failed in retrieving the application because my surname is only 4 letters. Since I already made the payment with the ID no. of the previous application, if I fill in another new form, will there be any impact on the payment?

    You retrieve a DS-160 application with the application id, which is sent to your email I believe. Where are you filling the DS-160 application ? When you make a payment you get a confirmation email, check your inbox. Payment is for the original application, you cannot change it now.

  • If you closed the browser and forgot to save the Application ID number and you have finish it, is close to impossible to recover but I was able to do it as follows. The Website doesn't allow anymore to click on forgot application ID, this is what I did, I was using Chrome, for other browser find out yourself based on this steps: 1-Enable browsing offline (not necessary, maybe useful in the future) go to chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy select enable secondary 2-Go to browse cache open a tab chrome://cache/ I was able to find it in this URL but it can be in other URL as well. search in the text for the word lblRecoveryAppID it will be located right after right here

    For firefox, the entry is "RecoveryAppID" or "Application ID". I never could imagine I have to grep into firefox cache for this purpose.

    This does not work anymore as chrome://cache/ is not supported anymore

  • On mac look for google chrome cache location- Sample:


    Then grep -> grep lblRecoveryAppID * It will list all cached application ids

    Perfect! It would take a minute to finish searching.

    Once I got the file names from the grep command, I had to search for lblAppID to find the application ID.

    In windows you can goto C:\{user}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache and do a -> findstr lblRecoveryAppID *

    In my case I needed: `grep -Ra lblRecoveryAppID .` to account for binary files and avoid "too many arguments" error.

  • The Consular Electronic Application Center gives instructions on how to retrieve a DS-160 application, either by using the Application ID or, if you 'forgot your application id,' to do so by answering your security questions.

    Update Since the above no longer work below are few ways you could retrieve the application id from the chrome cache. Note: I tried only on Mac, will update if I could find something similar to windows.

    Open Terminal and

    cd /Users/<user>/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/Profile 2/Cache
    grep -Ri "APPLICATION ID" .
    vim <the first file>
    Search for "Application ID" using /Application ID

    You should be able to retrieve the Id from the cache.

    This does not work anymore

    It worked for me.

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