Can you bring an empty water bottle with you on the plane?

  • I know you can't bring bottled water and such with you on the plane. However, is it safe to bring an empty bottle with you to fill up later? Or do you risk losing your possibly expensive/fancy/awesome water bottle when going through security?

    Agreeing to @user7806 you can bring plastic bottles wherever you want....empty bottles is just a security-green product and not liable for any trouble :)

    There is no security check when boarding the plane. You can take as much liquid as you want onto the plane, as long as you acquired it after the security checkpoint.

  • I always have one or two plastic bottles with me. I empty them before I go through security and then re-fill them from a tap in the restroom in the waiting area.

    I've done this many times, and security never asked about the empty bottles, and even if they do you can explain what they are for.

    Exactly my experience. Note that some airports only have warm water in the bathrooms airside and no fountain, possibly in order to increase sales.

    And note that some airlines will fill your bottle for you if you ask, even before they come around with the cart, and some planes have drinking water taps outside the bathroom (labelled drinking water) so you can fill up yourself on long flights.

    Many (but not all) airports have water fountains after security, so you can fill up your empty bottle before boarding. Make sure you check if there's an additional security check at the gate before doing this though!

    I have seen signs in airports telling people to do just that (I don't remember where).

    This will be possible until someone tries to blow up a plane with some kind of gaseous material. At which point, breathing on planes will be banned.

    @LordScree s/breathing/passing gas/, beans and cabbage will be banned

    @Gagravarr: even if there are no water fountains, I've had success just asking one of the coffee places to fill my bottle with tapwater. Never been asked to buy something before they'll do it.

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