Mobile website menu. Should hamburger menu be on left or the right?

  • Quite a while ago we decided to move our hamburger menu (I know they are evil but we got stupid amount of subcategories) to the right. Reasoning behind that was based on accessibility and in indoors labs it proven that people preferred it this way.

    Now we are doing some reworks regarding mobile top banner and search. While doing research I noticed that literally all of our competitor has their hamburger menus on the left.

    Is it worth sacrificing usability (way easier to reach menu) for consistency (everyone one else is having their hamburger menus on the left).

    It is worth noting that our customer base is heavily using mobile devices especially iPhones.

    There is similar topic but I dont think it covers particular use of hamburger menu location on websites, and not apps. Should the search box be on the left or the right side

    It sounds like you're an ecommerce site. Keep the hamburger menu and don't listen to calls for bottom nav - they are from people who don't live in nor understand the ecommerce world. With that said, left side seems to be more common, and it's likely due to most people being right handed (reaching with the thumb to open the menu).

    Consistency should be done within your app not with competitor one. I think there is no standard because the accessibility benefits here might not be as important as consistency with your layout.

    Personally I'm waiting for UX people to realize that common taps should be *bottom right* for easy one-handed use, that doesn't mean that should be a hamburger though...

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for all the answers, this topic has generated loads of valuable info and in the end I decided to do A/B test regarding burger position and so far I only ran it for small portion of my customers and hamburger on the left has increased add to cart rate, average time on site and page views compared to hamburger on the right.

    So my conclusion is that at current time hamburgers on the left outperforms same hamburgers on the right. I still strongly believe that this should vary from industry to industry and different companies.

    Hope this will help others running into similar questions.

    currently we have the same discussion about the placement of the menu. In the initial lab test you wrote, people preferred right placement over left. The A/B test resulted in the opposite but was only conducted with few users. Did you happen to collect any futher data on this? Thanx!

    What was your sample size?

    @Davbog sorry for horribly late reply, at the moment i was working at global fashion brand. So while i do not remember exact sample size it was in tens to hundreds of thousands.

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