Best Design/Order/Layout For Mailing Address Form

  • Is there any standards out there when it comes to a mailing address form? I need to collect the following fields:

    • address line 1
    • address line 2
    • city
    • postal code (or zip)
    • province(or state)
    • country

    The country and province will be drop downs. (the province one being dependant on the country)

    so my question is: is it better to have the fields in a similar layout to a standard mailing form: ie:

    address line 1    
    address line 2    
    city   province   postal code

    or in a more logical order like:

    address line 1    
    address line 2    
    city   postal code    
    country province

    Can you give us an idea of how many countries you're supporting? All of them? It can make a difference.

    pretty much all of them yes. The boss has decided on the country/province being drop downs

    Not all countries have their postal code after the city. So I wouldn't put them on one line unless you know that the countries you support all have the same way of formatting an address.

  • Rahul

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    11 years ago

    Luke Wroblewski wrote an article at UX Matters about international address forms. I'd recommend consulting that article as it lists some best practices, patterns and conventions distilled from user research. Luke also wrote a book about web forms called Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks which covers this topic as well.

    Near the end of his article, he also highlights Amazon's form, which is generic and supports all kinds of inputs. Amazon would be a good place to do some research for your form design. Amazon's address form design

    This is far from perfect, City and Zip is mandatory and it formats it like a US address. Most postal services will probably deliver it eventually; even if you fill in nonsense data or repetitions of valid data to satisfy the incorrect validation on the form. But its output is *not* a correctly formatted Norwegian address no matter how you fill in the form.

    The example seems also very bad to me. For example here in Switzerland we have small villages where there are only "house names". Going even farther, there are places with no street names whatsoever. Just read for such a story.

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