What is the generally accepted resolution for mobile design?

  • So, I am a week and a half into a new project, and I've been designing for a resolution of 320px * 480px. I am new to the game and I've just found out that that resolution is too small considering the high density displays of newer smartphones, and that my graphics will look blurry on new devices.

    My ignorance is really costing me and I'd like to find out if there is an equivalent of the stock resolution mentioned above (which I assume was used before the high density displays were introduced).

    If you have any suggestions on how I can salvage my existing graphics short of redoing the .PSD's that will also be appreciated.

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    8 years ago

    Instead of designing your UI for a single resolution, you should design it to be resolution-independent. Take a look at how this is handled in Android: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html

    The resolution you are using (320x480) is a typical MDPI resolution, so you could basically continue using it, as long as you deliver your graphical assets for the app in other DPI sizes as well:

    • LDPI (low): x0.75 the size of your current graphic assets
    • MDPI (medium): the size of the graphical assets you are currently using
    • HDPI (high): x1.5 the size of current assets
    • XHDPI (extra high): x2.00 the size of current assets

    The operating system then uses whichever graphic is the best fit for the device.

    In iOS, all of this is much easier, as you just have to provide two graphic assets, one for old screens (320x480) and one for new retina screens (640x960).

    Your answer is talking about pixel density, not about resolution.

    You're right, I clarified the answer a little. The different sized Android graphical assets do link to screen sizes as your answer illustrates.

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