What is a good color combination, visibility for outside use

  • I am designing the layout for a touchscreen for outside use, What are some good color combination to use that will be visible under the sun light for outside use? Maybe bright neon colors?

    Hi Kevin, welcome to UX.se! Your questions is too vague to answer right now. What is the purpose of the application? What is the content? Add some details and make the question be about UX rather than visual choice.

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    8 years ago

    A colour scheme with high visual contrast will work better in conditions that are more difficult to see - such as in direct sunlight.

    In addition to contrast, human vision isn't sensitive to all colours equally, with the peak being in the green colour spectrum. The graph below shows the sensitivity:

    enter image description here

    Taking onto account the sensitivity to light in human vision in combination with contrast, black on yellow produces the highest visual contrast. This is why number plates are often yellow with black writing.

    very interesting, but what about white? Isn't it higher contrast with black than yellow, at least on screen?

    @Luciano I can't give you an absolute reason why, but test have shown that yellow on black produces the highest contrast to the human eye. White on black is a higher contrast when looking purely at the numbers though (or to robots I suppose).

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