"Expiry date" or "Expiration date" label

  • What is the best form label to use for the credit card expiry date (during a checkout process on an eCommerce website)?

    I've done some research and noticed that some sites use 'Expiration date' and others use 'Expiry date'.

    Which is better from a UX perspective do you think?

    I have 3 cards, all three say "Expires End" on them. Personally I would use this.

    Mine (in Australia) say 'UNTIL END' and 'Valid Thru'. Where are you based? UK?

    This seems more like a language question--and potentially region-based.

    or be humorous and use "best before" ;)

  • rk.

    rk. Correct answer

    8 years ago

    I found an interesting trend: "Expiry" is a UK style and "Expiration" is an American style.*

    Personally, I tend to use the terms interchangeably and unless your users are limited to any one of the two countries, you should be fine.

    [*] - Both words exist in both languages UK English and US English, it is just the prevalent usage that is seemingly a bit skewed.

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