responsive website min-width?

  • In my experience most responsive websites don't have min-widths so when resized to a tiny size (say a 100px window) the content screws itself up and becomes illegible.


    I love the flexibility of RWD but usually implement a min-width on my sites as I don't like the site presentation when it gets too small. A lot of sites which aren't responsive let you scroll and I was wondering if it would be a good compromise to have a min-width and whether it effects usability at all. examples

  • obelia

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    8 years ago

    Web design has always been about choosing an audience you care about. You could care about every single browser in use and either rely on the minimal set of common functionality or use progressive-enhancement/graceful-degradation techniques to take advantage of modern functionality where it's available. The later approach takes much resources.

    Personally I only worry about devices with 320px width or greater. In a sense I don't care much about smaller devices, although I expect sites I make to have some (possibly reduced) functionality in every browser.

    I think it might be a little bit of anal web designer problem where I find myself resizing pages to see how they react... in real life Im sure they dont do this

    @benbyford - I do that too. A quick smooth transition is pleasing to me, if not that significant to most real users. Anal? Possibly, but I am what I am. ;)

    I often drag browser window to make it smaller so I can see another window(s). Some sites can't handle it.

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