Best layout for a settings page

  • I have a settings page with a fair number of options. See screenshot

    Original Settings

    Each of the links will take the user directly to a form where they can change the details (ie Business Settings) or a search/list where they can search for and then edit the details (ie Products)

    It is a very effective and user friendly layout?

    I am considering changing to have each section as an option in a vertical nav on the left and then each link will become a tab on a tabset when the option is clicked on the nav.

  • Tony Bolero

    Tony Bolero Correct answer

    8 years ago

    I see two alternative solutions to your question:

    1) Keep the the current design.

    It's good since you expose all settings at once. Since you have so many link groups it could take more time for the user to find out the difference between for examples Services management and Product management. Amazon is currently using this approach and since they're pretty obsessive with usability I would consider this solution a good solution.

    Amazon uses a menu page pattern

    If you choose this solution I would work more on the visual design. Make it a little bit more structured and compact. The various indents and use of black icons feels messy. Perhaps an Yahoo directory inspired layout could make it more easy to use?

    2) Break it up into sub pages

    and perhaps merge a couple of groups into broader ones. This is the most popular approach that big sites such as Facebook, Twitter and operating systems such as Windows and MacOs takes. They usually break the Settings sections into the following:

    • Profile (things that are visible for other members),
    • Design (How your page looks like such as background colors, Account details (stuff used by the system such as e-mail, address, phone numbers, country)
    • Site specific settings (this could be for example your Services management)
    • Change password
    • Remove your account

    Twitter uses a sub page approach

    The sub pages idea is good, I will think about it more.

    The Amazon page looks pretty nice I think.

    Yes, it does I think and not very far from what you've designed.

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