Difference between Lead UX and Senior UX Designer?

  • Quick question about the difference of Lead UX and Senior UX person. What are the responsibilities and goals between the two ?

    I'm trying to decide what should I classify myself as Lead or Senior applicant. I have 7 years of front end development designing websites and dealing with UX principles.

  • Few thoughts:

    • Lead UX is the top position in an organization which is responsible to drive UX process for the entire department or organization as a whole. This designation explains organizational hierarchy indicating that Lead UX is the top person in that organization. Now such a person in terms of experience may be a mid-level, mid-to-senior or a senior UX designer acting as Lead UX and there may be several Senior UX designers working under him.

    • Senior UX is scale of experience but doesn't reflect under which organizational hierarchy he is working. The designation Senior UX doesn't reflect if he is working as Lead UX, UX Director or working under a support role helping other members of the team.

    On side note, designations are organization specific and can be misleading. If there is one UX Designer working in an organization, he is technically leading the process but he may have any level of experience. Also if an organization hires two mid-level UX designers making one as senior, the senior one in line may start calling himself as Senior UX because of his relative position but in terms of experience, he would still be a mid-level UX designer.

    Hope this helps.

    "designations are organizational specific" = I think that's the key.

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